Estd : 2007. Government Aided.
Affiliated to The University of Burdwan

  • Purba Bardhaman
    Station Road, Galsi, West Bengal 713406

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE – Galsi Mahavidyalaya



    About the Department

    The Department of Political Science, established in 2007, has evolved significantly, transitioning from a general subject to an Honours subject in 2015, experiencing a notable increase in student enrolment. Emphasizing a comprehensive social science approach, the Department integrates sociological, economic, philosophical, and cultural dimensions, focusing on the Indian reality. Its main goals include offering a solid foundation and broad understanding of the discipline, promoting substantive interest at local, regional, and national levels. The Vision and Mission encompass maintaining an educational and professional atmosphere of diversity and inclusiveness, increasing the popularity of undergraduate majors, fostering responsible citizenship, growing political consciousness, and synthesizing theory and practice.

    The Department currently offers undergraduate programs such as B.A (Hons.) and B.A. (Gen.) with specific entry qualifications and approved student strengths, following an annual/semester/choice-based credit system/elective course pattern. The department comprises of four faculty members with diverse specializations and significant teaching experience. Notably, the Department has published research papers in reputable journals and organized seminars/conferences/workshops of National and International level, ensuring student enrichment and learning improvement through various teaching methods. Additionally, it actively participates in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities, with a focus on the future plans to enhance research culture, documentation, field visits, collaborations, faculty development, and student involvement in extension activities.

    However, the Department faces challenges such as insufficient classroom space, documentation of data, and exploring external funding sources, while recognizing opportunities in the introduction of career-oriented courses, infrastructure development, and student leadership development. The Department envisions producing a maximum number of competent students, encouraging them for higher education and establishing themselves in different All-India level Competitive Examinations. The SWOC analysis highlights strengths in academic excellence and discipline promotion, weaknesses in lack of classroom space and documentation, opportunities in career-oriented courses and infrastructure development, and threats related to increased dropout rates and competition from other sectors.

    To sum-up, the Department of Political Science is committed to providing a comprehensive education in the field of politics, nurturing responsible citizens, and fostering a research-oriented, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. Its future plans reflect a dedication to continuous improvement, research excellence, and student development, setting a solid foundation for the holistic growth of the Department and its students.

    Vision and Mission

    • To equip students with in-depth knowledge and intellectual tools to engage with the global and India-specific issues and challenges arising in the arenas of politics, political processes and political ideas.
    • To cultivate political values to boost democratic practice and inclusiveness for a better India


    • Develop new knowledge in the field through critical research and scholastic inquiry;
    • To apply the knowledge of Political Science to serve society as a whole
    • The Department affirms its commitment to equity, inclusiveness and diversity without compromising academic rigour in the context of the global commitment to sustainable development, rights of the marginalized and ecological diversity and conservation.
    Activities and Achievements
    Faculty Profile

    Somjit Ray

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Abhisek Karmakar

    Assistant Professor

    Dr Sagar Mukherjee


    Binapani Datta