Estd : 2007. Government Aided.
Affiliated to The University of Burdwan

  • Purba Bardhaman
    Station Road, Galsi, West Bengal 713406

  • SANSKRIT – Galsi Mahavidyalaya



    About the Department

    The GalsiMahaviyalaya was established in 2007. Sanskrit has also been taught in this college since 2007. At present the Department of Sanskrit has the intake capacity of Honours course is 58 seats and no bar for General course.The medium of teaching in the department is Sanskrit and Bengali.The department traverses a broad range of academic pursuits across Veda, Vyākaraṇa, literature, philosophy etc., to promote education and research. The faculty members of the department are fully committed to provide quality education and academic achievement of the students.Sanskrit can also more narrowly refer to Classical Sanskrit, a refined and standardized grammatical form that emerged in the mid-1st millennium BCE and was codified in the most comprehensive of ancient grammars, the Aṣtādhyāyī (‘Eight chapters’) of Pāṇini.As for employment avenues, Sanskrit has as many jobs as any other language in proportion to their learners. University/college education, school education, civil services, army, translators and media are some of the avenues where students can be employed. Apart from that, they can explore a career in Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga and a culture activist.

    Vision and Mission

    Vision :

    Vidyāṃca Avidyāṃca, Yastadvedaobhayaṃsaḥ
    Avidyayāmṛtyuṃtīrttvā, Vidyayāamṛtaṃaśnute.(Saṃhitopaniṣad)

    To mould the students with confidence,self dependence, self realization, scientific temper,rational thinking, professionalism, thirst for knowledge, satisfaction, contentment and pleasure. Webelieve that knowledge does not only give high standard of living but it also sprinkles moral and rational values in human beings.

    Mission :

  • To build and maintain a Department that shall be regarded as being equal to the best globally in terms of relevance of teaching and research, quality of support, and learning opportunities.
  • To assimilate and transmit the values of honesty, equality, human dignity and inclusivity.
  • To impart inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge and life skills that build competencies to facilitate multi-dimensional growth of students.
  • To foster global competence of learners and support their career building.
  • To create a platform for new knowledge based on Sanskrit heritage.
  • To promote Indian Knowledge system in all relevant fields.
  • To bring Sanskrit as a medium in mainstream Education.
  • To connect the Sanskrit fraternity to the modern academia.
  • To make Sanskrit as a vibrant field of multidisciplinary research.
  • Faculty Profile

    Dr Sourabodhi Bhattacharyya

    Assistant Professor (Stage- III)

    Dr Sikha Sarkar Sikdar

    Assistant Professor (Stage-II)

    Sunanda Sue Kundu


    Srabani Pal


    Smt. Sunanda Halder


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