Estd : 2007. Government Aided.
Affiliated to The University of Burdwan

  • Purba Bardhaman
    Station Road, Galsi, West Bengal 713406

  • LABORATORY – Galsi Mahavidyalaya



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    About Geography lab

    The Geography Lab at Galsi Mahavidyalaya serves as an integral part of the teaching-learning process, enriching students’ geographical knowledge. Despite the absence of pure science subjects like Chemistry, Physics, or Zoology, the Geography Lab plays a crucial role.

    1. Survey Instruments:The lab houses essential survey instruments, including:

  • Dumpy Level: Used for precise levelling and measuring height differences.
  • Prismatic Compass: Helps determine direction and angles.
  • Plane Table: Facilitates field mapping and sketching.
  • Theodolite: Measures horizontal and vertical angles.
  • 2. Weather Measurement Tools:Instruments for measuring weather elements include:

  • Barometer: Measures atmospheric pressure.
  • Thermometer: Records temperature variations.
  • Hygrometer: Determines humidity levels.
  • 3. Computers and Projectors:

  • Equipped with a set of computers and a laptop with a folding projector, the lab integrates technology into geography education.
  • Visual aids enhance learning and allow for interactive presentations.
  • 4. Maps and Models:

  • The lab features various types of maps:
  • Wall Maps: Display geographical features, regions, and boundaries.
  • Topographical Maps: Show elevation contours and landforms.
  • Weather Maps (IMD): Depict meteorological data.
  • Models provide a tangible representation of geographical concepts.
  • 5. Practical Tools and Gadgets:

  • Practical Tools Box: Contains essential items for fieldwork and experiments.
  • Colour Box: Useful for map colouring and highlighting.
  • Scientific Calculator: Supports calculations during data analysis.
  • 6. Globe and Light Trace Box:

  • The globe serves as a three-dimensional representation of Earth, aiding spatial understanding.
  • The light trace box assists in tracing maps and overlays.
  • Despite limitations, the Geography Lab empowers students to explore the world through practical experiences.

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