Estd : 2007. Government Aided.
Affiliated to The University of Burdwan

  • Purba Bardhaman
    Station Road, Galsi, West Bengal 713406




    About the Cell

    A Women and Gender Sensitization Cell is a dedicated entity focused on promoting the welfare and well-being of female students and staff. It serves as a platform for addressing gender-related concerns, fostering awareness, and creating a supportive environment.The objective of the cell is to integrate women’s experiences, issues, problems and perspectives into other branches of knowledge. The attempt was not only to add a women’s perspective but to transform traditional disciplines through considerations irrespective of gender. The development of a feminist perspective goes hand in hand with attempts to empower and educate women. This cell also aims at dispelling contrived barriers raised by traditional academic disciplines experimenting with modern forms of interdisciplinary. A major objective of the cell has been to promote a dialogue between academics and activists, social workers and policy makers. The cell plays an important role to conduct gender sensitization programmes and raises interest within students of Higher Education of various institutions like Galsi Mahavidyalaya.

    Women and Gender Sensitization Committee

    Sl.No. Name Designation Position
    1 Dr. Amit S Tiwary Principal Chairman
    2 Dr. Abhisek Karmakar Co-ordinator, IQAC Member
    3 Dr. Sampriya Chatterjee Assistant Professor Convener
    4 Dr. Dipanwita Pal Assistant Professor Member
    5 Dr.Rupasree Chatterjee Associate Professor Member
    6 Dr.Sikha Sarkar Sikdar Assistant Professor Member
    7 Dr. Shyamal Kumar Mondal SACT Member
    8 Mr. Shajad Gani SACT Member
    9 Mrs. Srabani Pal SACT Member
    10 Ms. Sukla Barman SACT Member
    11 Mrs.Jebunnesa Khatun Peon Member


    To cultivate an environment where every woman within the institution feels empowered, respected, and supported in her educational and personal journey. It aspires to champion gender equality, fostering a campus culture where women can thrive academically, professionally, and personally.


  • To provide guidelines for protection of women.
  • To provide the environment to ensure basic right to work and study with dignity.
  • To promote women empowerment and gender equality.
  • To act as guidance cum counselling centre for female students and help them overcome various socio-economic and cultural barriers.
  • To aim research-based works, policy making, knowledge building for social change and gender justice
  • To contribute towards knowledge of multi-disciplines within the sphere of academic influence.
  • Functions and Responsibilities of the Women and Gender Sensitization Cell

    In order to provide safe working environment and to promote gender sensitization on the campus the Women and Gender Sensitization Cell is entrusted with following functions and responsibilities:

    1. To sensitize the community at large towards gender related issues and to take such measures as would be necessary to create gender sensitivity on the campus;
    2. To conduct orientation programs for new students and employees;
    3. To suggest measures for providing a safe working environment for women on the campus and to recommend actions to be taken by the institute from time to time in order to deter thecommission of any acts of sexual harassment or gender discrimination in any form;
    4. To organize workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing students and staff members of the institute with the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention prohibition and Redressal) act 2013;
    5. To offer advice on available courses of action to an aggrieved women on campus if she approaches the Women Cell.
    6. To perform such other functions on behalf of the institute as may be assigned to it by the Chairman

    To see the Activities of the Women and Gender Sensitization Cell